Best Bakery Courses in Delhi for Beginners

Did you know that any new bakery or baking business has an 80% chance of failing in the first 5 years? And this isn’t just us saying it, reports from CNBC suggest the same. The no.1 reason they gave is the wrong location which comes down to market research but the location alone doesn’t ruin an entire business.

You could have gotten your marketing wrong, not priced your items correctly and probably throwing lakhs down the drain by hiring the wrong personnel.

But where can you learn these traits? Do you need to go to both a baking school and business school to be a bakery owner?

What if I told you that’s not the case? That there is one bakery course in Delhi that can teach you all? We are talking about the best baking classes in Delhi, Truffle Nation and here’s why we believe so.

Why Trufflenation is the Best Bakery Courses in Delhi

Trufflenation Review
Marketing sessions with professional courses make starting a bakery easy
All courses are budget-friendly
All training is hands-on for detailed learning
2-3 minute walk from the Saket metro station
Get weekend classes as well
Get extra classes if you miss school due to a genuine reason
limited seats in every batch so hurry up

1. It is not just about baking

As you may have realized, running a profitable bakery doesn’t just stop at having the yummiest baked items in town. You also need to find the right location for which you need to know about market research. You also should know how to price items, hire staff, menu-planning, marketing, etc. (yup, you’ve got to be the master of all trades).

And the Truffle Nation Diploma course covers pretty much anything and everything mentioned there. From deep-dive marketing sessions to detailed classes on pricing, item, staffing, menu-planning Trufflenation will turn you into the entrepreneur material in 4-months at just 2,75,000

And that brings me to the next point.

2. They are pocket-friendly and time-effective

There are few other excellent baking schools in Delhi as well such as the Academy of Pastry Arts India, IICA, and AIBTM but professional courses here can cost you around 6-7 lacs or more and range between 6-months to 1-year. Plus, these courses do not teach you about marketing and other important aspects of being a bakery owner either.

On the other hand, Trufflenation costs just Rs. 2,75,000 and covers similar recipes while also giving you marketing, pricing, packages, and other important lessons.

But what if I want only wanted a part-time bakery course?

3. Courses Galore

At Truffle Nation, you will be spoilt for choices. Apart from professional bakery courses like the Diploma and Certification courses, there are tons of short-term courses also available.

Want to just learn cookies? You can now learn 10+ cookie recipe so just 3 days at about 15k or master chocolate making in just 9 days at 35k. You can Truffle Nation course fees details from their official website.

And if you go for the Diploma course, top-performing students also get the chance to intern at Truffle Nation and learn to further develop recipes and run a live kitchen.

But just having tons of courses doesn’t turn you into the best bakery course in Delhi.


4. Detailed Hands-on learning

If you thought you were going to watch a bunch of videos on YouTube and read a few recipe books and turn into a master baker, well, you are in for a shock.

If you are passionate and want to learn jaw-dropping cake decoration, chocolate sculptures, hands-on training is indispensable and TruffleNation understands that.

This is why irrespective of your course (short-term or professional) the training is 100% hands-on. In fact, even their workshops are 100% hands-on. This means whether it is separating the egg white, whipping the cream or folding the pastry, you perform every single step.

And don’t worry if you go wrong. Truffle Nation assigns 1 professional trainer for every 4-5 students. This also means you get individual attention.

But wait, that’s not all.

Their teachers are incredibly caring and hard-working and seeing the effort they put into teaching each and every student is commendable (there’s no way you are not coming out of here as a pro).

5. Their courses really work

I am sure wondering whether you can really open a home bakery after the Certification course or run a bakery after the Diploma course, right? 2 of the most common success stories you will come across are Stanzein and Nilza.

While Stanzein started his cafe MyCafeLeh in Leh, Nilza does not just run her own home bakery but has also gone on to bake a cake for his holiness, the Dalai Lama.

Here’s what their other students have to say.

It is this proven track record that makes Trufflenation one of the best bakery courses in Delhi without a doubt (and you could be their next success story).

Where is Truffle Nation Located?

Trufflenation has branches both in Malviya Nagar and Saket. Both the branches are walkable from the metro station especially the Saket branch that is just about 2-3 minutes away.

Irrespective of the branch, you will be taught by the same experienced trainers and both branches have state of the art infrastructure along with the best of ingredients.

But wait, we aren’t done yet.

One thing we did not mention above is that your learning with Truffle nation extends well beyond your course. That means if you needed help after your course regarding a recipe or even marketing, menu-planning, etc. for your new cafe/bakery, the Trufflenation team promises to help you out (something most baking schools wouldn’t).

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi: A Conclusion

There’s no doubt that Delhi has some of the finest bakery courses in the form of the Academy of Pastry Arts India, IICA, AIBTM and so on but Trufflenation remains well ahead of the pack. While all of these baking schools will teach you yummy recipes, etc. Trufflenation teaches you to be an entrepreneur.

So you aren’t just stuck in a restaurant kitchen simply baking but rather have the opportunity to be your own boss and run a profitable bakery that tickles taste buds and becomes the talk of the town.

Well, that’s our roundup of the best bakery courses in Delhi. If you have completed your course from Trufflenation and would like to share your experience, drop a comment below as it will help other readers make a more informed decision.

Till then, happy baking.