The Ultimate Guide to Waffles for Newbies

If there is one type of breakfast that never gets old or boring, it is waffles. From the crispiness to its ability to absorb chocolate or other syrupy goodness, waffles have also been a favorite for generations.

And if you are one of those waffles fanatics there’s good news for you. You no longer have to pay the big bucks at the best cafes to enjoy some yummy waffles, you can equally tasty waffles in your kitchen as well.


Well, here are a few basic tips that will help you out.

Ultimate Guide to Waffles for Newbies

Keep an eye on the oil and butter

As a newbie, my biggest issue while making waffles was that it would stick to the pan even after coating the pan surface with butter and oil. Tired of that I even turned to cooking spray but only to still have the batter sticking to the pan.

Recently I had enrolled for a short-term bakery course at TruffleNation where the trainers told me the fault could have been with the waffles themselves. Rather than adding more oil or butter to the pan, I should increase it directly in the batter and it worked like a charm.

Not only did the batter not stick to the pan, but the waffles were also pretty fluffy and crispy.

Get the batter right

If someone told you baking was an art, they were right and waffles is the perfect example of that as you need to get the batter spot on. Make it too thick and you will have waffles that taste yucky and if make to then, you will have waffles that do not hold their shape.

So how do you get the batter right?

Well, the secret is in the mixing and it is pretty simple. All you need to do is be gentle and use a spatula rather than a hand mixer. Make sure you do not leave any chunks and there should be no gluten either as it means you have over mixed.

If you have doubts about the batter, this video below should help you out.


Have the right waffle maker

Waffle makers come in different sizes and shapes and thus choosing the right waffle maker can be a make or break decision. So here’s a brief into that.

Size: Waffle makers can be either small size or large. The larger ones are known as Belgian Waffle Makers and used to cook thicker waffles at commercial places.

Additional Features: Apart from important functions such as temperature, go for a waffle than also has options such as browning, drip tray, etc. as it will improve flavor and also make cleaning the iron east.

Additional Ingredients

Here are few hacks you use to further improve the crispiness and fluffiness of your waffles.

Adding cornstarch to the batter prevents the waffle from going soggy when cooked on high heat. If you want to further increase the richness of the waffle, you can also throw in some buttermilk and Amaretto liqueur which I consider a huge upgrade over regular vanilla extract.

But if you do not have Amaretto liqueur, frangelico is a great alternative.

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