How to Make the Perfect Mousse

If there is one dessert I cannot wait to get my hands on at every party or buffet dinner it is a mousse. Not just that, it is also one of my favorite desserts to make. And no, it isn’t because it is all so complicated. Believe it or not, making a mousse is actually pretty simple and hassle-free.

This is mainly because it requires very few ingredients whether it is chocolate mousse or blueberry mousse. But if you are a newbie nothing is easy, right? So here are some tips on how to make the perfect mousse each time.

How to Make the Perfect Mousse

How to make mousse the perfect way

1. Use the freshest of ingredients

Whether you are baking a mousse or a cake, one tip I would give every baker is to use fresh and finest quality ingredients. This includes your chocolate and cream. For a chocolate mousse, only the best dark chocolate will cut it as it will provide the mousse with the right texture.

Morde and Callebaut have some of the best dark and milk chocolates. If you are making blueberry mousse the quality of the frozen blueberry can make or break your mousse so make sure you buy only the finest.

2. Prep right

One thing every expert bakery will tell you is to read the recipes 2-3 times and collect every ingredient and equipment you need before you start baking. Prepping right makes the entire process effortless and means your mousse will be ready within minutes with you only having to fold the ingredients together.

3. Whipping the Cream

One of those ingredients that you need to prep is whipped cream. Getting that whipped cream right is crucial. Simply put, it is the body and soul of your mousse. So what do you need to watch out for?

First and foremost, over whipping your cream takes a mere minute. Just in a flash, you will end up with something grainy and split-up.

Oops, it just happened, can I remedy this?

Well, if you haven’t yet fallen off the cliff, there is still hope. Throwing in a few drops of fresh cream will restore the grainy, over-whipped cream back to the desired smooth and creamy texture. Just make sure you whisk gently using a wire whisk rather than a hand mixer.

4. Folding and Chilling

To complete your mousse, the last step is to fold in the whipped cream with other ingredients which again, should be done gently using a spatula. Over-mixing the ingredients or being too rough with it will result in a mousse that is dense.

Lastly, you need to let the final mixture chill in the fridge for about 20-25 minutes before serving. Is your mousse layered? Then keep in mind that each of the layers will first need to be chilled and set before you top it with the next layer.

If you have leftover, no problem. Mousse can be easily stored in the fridge for about a day or two.

Lastly, I do not want you to be stuck at chocolate and blueberry mousse so here are some lip-smacking mousse recipes that will have your guests licking the glasses.


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