The 5 Baking Tools a Must for Every Newbie

Like a writer needs his pen, a runner needs his boots, for a baker his/her tools are gold. And whether you are a professional baker or baking for the first time, some tools are universal.

With these tools, you will see an increase in productivity and efficiency, more importantly, you will also be saving tons of time. Oh, and buying these will not burn a hole in your pockets either.

So let’s dig right into them.

5 Baking Tools a Must for Every Newbie

1. Parchment Paper

Do you know what is the worst nightmare for a baker? When you spend an hour or 2 mixing the batter and waiting for the cake to bake only for it to then stick to the sides and come out all broken (ugh, the horror). Thankfully, the solution is both simple and cheap.

All you need to do is line the pan with some parchment paper. This is especially helpful if you are using aluminum pans. But if you prefer silicone molds, note that these do not need any lining.

In case you do not have parchment paper, butter paper works just as effectively.

2. Mesh Sieve

Whether you are a baker or not, mesh sieve is one equipment you are likely to find in almost every kitchen. When you are baking the sieve is used for sifting dry ingredients which is an important step before you throw them in with the wet ingredients.

This helps you get the right consistency as there are so solid chunks which, in turn, ensures your cakes come out fluffy and light. This step is even more important when you play around with ingredients such as cocoa powder or almond flour as they have a higher chance of being lumpy.

3. Offset Spatula

This is one equipment you will often find yourself reaching out for. While you can use to level things out such as cake batter in the pan, the most important use of the spatula is when you are frosting.

But hey, why use an offset spatula when I can just tap it on the counter? Well, doing so removes all the air from the batter which means your cake will come out dense.

Furthermore, when you are frosting, this gives you greater control over the process and since it is light and compact, it is easy to not just use but also clean and store once you are done using it.

4. Pastry Brush

Believe it or not, a pastry brush is much more versatile than you thought. From making it easy to coat your baking pans with butter or oil to brushing cookie dough with eggwash, the brush makes it easy to reach every nook and cranny on your oddly-shaped trays and pans.

I prefer Silicone brushes but you can also get them is other cheaper materials. Yup, for all its benefits, you can get a brush for Rs. 100 or less.

5. Measuring Spoons and Cups

You will need to be measuring both dry and wet ingredients and since baking is a game of measurements, have these is, simply put a must.

These spoons and cups are also pretty cheap and available as a combo. Plus, they can be bought online. Another measuring equipment that you can invest in if you are serious about baking is a digital kitchen scale.

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